I'm doing Chemical Engineering. Contents of this blog include: Doctor Who, my attempts to play Binding of Isaac, Adventure Time, doge, puns, cats, tea, beer, The Simpsons, and photos of my face.



me when buying something over $10: do i need this? do i need any material objects? will this matter when i face the great abyss?






bisexual people aren’t more likely to cheat in relationships but we are more likely to cheat at cards, while lesbians are most likely to cheat at jenga, and genderqueer people often cheat at mario kart

how the fuck do you cheat at jenga

ask a lesbian


this is never not funny

ugh I want my hair to be like karen gillan’s or like any other badass looking girl with short hair but I’m pretty sure it won’t look great on me and it’ll regrow so badly ugh

so isaac felt like being generous to me today and gave me brimstone, polyphemus, the mark, the pact, the habit, and scapular (which I never even ended up activating)

it also gave me the parasite but with brimstone it wasn’t really worth taking


needless to say I beat the game and unlocked the polaroid.

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That Maybelline eyeliner is the one I use too and it’s magic. I use make-up wipes to get the worst of it off and then wash/mousturise my face after. It’s excellent.

hmm I do have two bottles of GOOD eye makeup remover so I guess next time I’m near a beauty section somewhere I’ll take a look for it